Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sometimes you just need the *right* people to say the *right* things and just like that, your whole mood shifts.

Yesterday was fairly abissmal. Some residual hurt that I was feeling regarding Tella resulted in a not-so-nice email exchange and the decision to no longer pursue friendship at this time. I was gutted. Not because we can't find a way to be friends, but because I am feel misrepresented and mishandled by a select few who should know me better. Alas, I cannot allow myself to be surrounded by the cattyness any more and so I am taking a HUGE step back from the situation.

I feel better today for having decided to do so.

In other news, I adopted a kitten. His name is William Odin Nelson, Esq. (Odin for short) and he is a precious -- although googly eyed -- little boy.

The infection in his left eye will heal over time, but the eye will be virtually useless -- he cannot see out of it and has no normal eye sensation. Despite this, he is a bouncy, rambunctuous, cuddly little man and I adore him.

History Lesson for the Day: Odin was the chief God in Norse mythology (Father to Thor). It is said that he is the God of wisdom, magic, poetry and prophecy. He sacrificed one of his eyes to another God in exchange for great knowledge -- hence why I named the kitten Odin.

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